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Fashion Interiors Manufacturing provides a wide range of products to meet the needs of every customer. From initial design to final quality assurance processes, we make sure our goods are reliable and exceptional. We’re proud to be one of the best-known names in the industry. Get in touch to see how you can benefit from our products.


Sofa will always be a welcome staple in any homes. It gives that inviting sense to your living room to come sit still, stay and be relaxed. There’s nothing like having to feel the best comfort at the confines of your home. Make sure to find the sofa that will fit your design dreams. Fashion Interiors have created a wonderful Sofa Collection that boasts of superior quality and noteworthy designs. Our sofa is very casual and relaxed, with a chic contemporary profile that includes a range of fixtures that are ideal for lounging. Rest assured that every piece of the bestselling sofa collection is crafted with passion by the hands of master craftsmen, assuring you of the best living area lounge for your home.

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Bar Counters

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Lamps & Chandeliers

Lighting is very important inside your homes. It gives enhances the aesthetic appeal, improves your mood and create a bright ambiance. Overall, proper lighting makes your home life easier. There are decisions to be made when choosing a lamp that can enhance the luminosity of a certain area of your home. There are certain things that has to be considered from the size, the style and the efficiency of the lamp. Fashion Interiors Manufacturing Inc., makes things easier as they give you a number of good reasons to bring home the most irresistible lamps. Choose from our extensive lamp collection to upgrade the lighting in every room of your home.

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There’s always a way to give a style boost on the overall look of your living space. Home accents are a great way to add some impact to your abode. Add a few stylish elements that can symbolize the mood and tone of your home and even your persona. Definitely, these accessories can quickly transform your place into a space that you ultimately adore. As they say, home is where the heart is. So flex your imagination and find the most eye catching home accessories that you can add to your home. Fashion Interiors houses a variety of large range items that can accentuate any space to practical home accents.

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Our Story

In the past 35 years, this venture has expanded its handcrafted furniture company, into a reputable and respected manufacturing enterprise, exporting globally. Originally making its debut in the 70’s in the Netherlands, its first big success was in the 80’s with its unique "Gallery Clair" concept.


We guarantee superior craftsmanship together with exclusive designs and unique details. Our handmade furniture reaches the highest standards of perfection. Thanks to our skilled workers who give our creations a far more personal look than any other automated process. "Quality made to be perfect".


Fashion Interiors has its own design team which consists of very experienced European and Filipino designers who combine both Western and Eastern Influences in their Designs. The Design team originates from Europe, but has evolved into a team closely co-operating with Filipino designers to achieve an Asian Flair.

About Us

Fashion Interiors Manufacturing Incorporated in the Philippines manufacturers and exports high quality living, dining and bedroom furniture as well as supplementary home accessories, harmoniously brought together in it’s Fashion Interiors by Paul Cornelissen collections. By fusing Eastern and Western influences in its pieces, we create an ethnical feel in the production of each item.

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