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In the past 35 years, this venture has expanded its handcrafted furniture company, into a reputable and respected manufacturing enterprise, exporting globally. Originally making its debut in the 70’s in the Netherlands, its first big success was in the 80’s with its unique “Gallery Clair” concept. Its endeavors were granted The Galeon Award by no other than the former Filipino President Corazon Aquino herself.

Today it continues its growth in the Philippines, as an internationally acclaimed company, now conquering the world with its one of a kind collection, Fashion Interiors. Its current activities consist of a showroom and factory, all under European management. It is no wonder it has become a favorite supplier among importers, wholesalers and retailers worldwide.

Fashion Interiors Manufacturing Incorporated in the Philippines manufactures and exports high quality living, dining and bedroom furniture as well as supplementary home accessories, harmoniously brought together in it’s Fashion Interiors by Paul Cornelissen collections. By fusing Eastern and Western influences in its pieces, we create an ethnical feel in the production of each item.

“East meets West.”

Our ultimate goal is to provide our clients with excellent hand crafted furniture meeting the highest standards of quality. Only by working with reclaimed materials we can contribute to the environment and encourage as such our partners to do the same. We support tree for all which is a community partnership of cities, nonprofits, farmers, volunteers… …and others who have joined hands (and shovels) to plant native trees and shrubs along the Tualatin River and its tributaries. Streams lined with native vegetation provide cleaner, cooler water, better flood management, and fish and wildlife habitat. It’s good for Mother Nature and good for our community.

“We bring back life to forgotten materials”

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