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Luxury Dining Room – Spruce Up Dining with Elegant Dining Chairs And Table

Featuring Marikina Collection

This feature focuses on an artful, vibrant yet luxurious dining experience. We’re putting the spotlight on some of our latest designs exclusively from the Marikina Collection. The fabrics and materials have all been carefully sourced out from different parts of the country. Every piece carries an intricate and sophisticated design, that when combined, forms a luxurious dining ambience.

The first thing that you see when you enter the room is the Marikina Dining Table flaunting a big black Marquina Marble. Its true beauty is in the details of its surface, where natural white veins are revealed, possessing a timeless elegance.

The design philosophy of the Marikina Collection is based around a classic and refined aesthetic.

Our team of designers chose a velvet fabric to classically incorporate the vibrant color of the dining chairs which we call Sienna. The combination of marble and velvet forms a very luxurious blend, just perfect to create a polished look and satisfy one’s sophisticated taste.

As you step back, and shift your gaze up, a lighting piece is gracefully hanging on top of the black dining table. In a luxury dining, it is anticipated to have statement pieces while still embracing a welcoming ambience to greet guests in the most luxurious fashion.

The Timeless Chandelier never fails to evoke a sense of awe and respect from whoever sees, touches or experiences it. It perfectly lights the mood of the gallery-worthy space.

The dining room design was completed with the captivating Marquina 3D canvas, creating an amusing ambience.

Its black velvet fabric elegantly drapes on the Imperial Console with Marquina Black top. With the morning light touching the walls and the canvas, the room slowly inspires one to be in a thoughtful mood.


Overall, the combination of these key pieces has been our designers’ true expression of an exclusive home.

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