There’s always a way to give a style boost on the overall look of your living space. Home accents are a great way to add some impact to your abode. Add a few stylish elements that can symbolize the mood and tone of your home and even your persona. Definitely, these accessories can quickly transform your place into a space that you ultimately adore. As they say, home is where the heart is. So flex your imagination and find the most eye catching home accessories that you can add to your home.

Fashion Interiors houses a variety of large range items that can accentuate any space to practical home accents.

Showing 3 results

Showing 3 results

    Antique White Cactus

    Cactus stands for longevity and endurance. The very same plant that symbolizes strength amidst all adversities including the test of time and the elements. As seen in this rare antique piece which gives a strong dominion to any spot in your home. The Antique White Cactus characterizes courage and protection visibly seen in its design. Likewise, this accessory gives a whole new definition to vintage adornment as it was complemented with Antique White Finish that are expected to reach a longer life span.

    Dimensions: W: 49 cm x H 119 cm
    Dimensions: W: 49 cm x H 95 cm
    Volume Packed: 0.20m3

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    Elephant Head on Metal Stand

    Unity inside the home comes in a whole different perspective with this iconic Elephant head accessory. This animal have become a unique symbol of strength, power, wisdom and good luck to various cultures and beliefs. It also represents the ability to understand metaphors and abstract ideas.This eye-catching piece is intricately crafted by hand and perfected by furniture manufacturers to last from one generation to another. It was also created to be a durable emblem as it has a matte black metal stand to keep up with its stalwart façade.

    Dimensions: H: 50cm
    Volume Packed: 0.29m3

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    Hardwood Vase

    When it comes to pragmatic figure inside your home, a Hardwood vase always comes out as a practical décor choice. Firstly, it’s because of its make as it stands firmly where it was placed. The versatility comes in second place as it can be a highlight to any space inside your abode because of its sense of luxury. Lastly, hardwood is an enduring piece that can still charm any spectators as the time progresses. Now, are you all set to give it a try?

    Dimensions: W: 20 cm x D: 40 cm x H 50 cm
    Volume Packed: 0.20m3 "

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