At the end of the day, everyone’s mind turn to one thing. Your most precious furniture in your homes, the Bed. It’s where you spend one-third of your life wherein you get your much-needed sleep. So make sure your bed looks grand and provides you that meaningful bliss.

No need to be indecisive in looking for the perfect bed. Fashion Interiors Manufacturing Inc. made sure that there’s a bed for everyone. Get to choose from specially created beds that will be the focal point of your bed room.

Showing 1–3 of 6 results

Showing 1–3 of 6 results

    Romance Bed

    Every sleeping time is an opportunity to romanticize your wellbeing. What’s the best way to feel this calm vibe is through our Romance Bed. Sleep in style and comfort as this bed design is becoming a sight to behold. The furniture piece is made of unique fashionable magazine fabric combined with soft foam filled upholstery for the headboard design and the structure base while it has dark brown legs finish to stand in durably. Make sure you also get our Chill Bedside Table to complement the chic bedroom look.

    Dimensions: W: 224 cm x D: 241 cm x H 134 cm
    Volume Packed: 1.48m3 "

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    Wavy Bed

    If your favorite pastime is snooze and slumber, then Wavy Bed is just what you are looking for. Just a look of the wave-like pattern on the headboard will give you that snoozy feel that you are definitely wishing for in a plushy bed. The Wavy Bed Headboard and Side Panel are made of natural woven Raffia bleached materials and the bed is also structured with a durable stainless steel headboard border and legs. It speaks of classic and elegant style that can be focal point for every Master Bedroom.

    Dimensions: W: 194 cm x D: 219 cm x H 140 cm
    Volume Packed: 0.48m3

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    Winter Bed

    Sleeping has become a precious relaxation for everyone. There’s always a way to cherish your sleep more. For those wanting the best luxurious bed you can ever find locally, Winter Bed perfectly fits that line. The bed is made of luxury materials such as vintage cappuccino border with refurbished pine vintage white finish frame and distressed brown fabric all over the bed structure from the sides, edges and footboard. The best aspect of the Winter Bed is the foam padding on the headboard that gives an extra emphasis on the word COMFORT and that’s something to look forward to.

    Dimensions: W: 193 cm x D: 250 cm x H 98 cm
    Volume Packed: 4.35m3

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