Club Chairs

There is nothing like feeling of sinking into a lounge chair and having your whole body being supported by plushy cushion. Oh what a dreamy sight! That is how the Club Chair represents itself. This type of lounge chairs are perfect furniture to unwind by your living room, patio or even poolside while enjoying some cool drinks.

Whether you want a retro feel styled seat or elegantly upholstered chair or even the nature inspired weave club chair or something in between, the chances of finding it at Fashion Interiors is high. In just a few clicks, you are going to be met with some of the uniquely crafted club chairs.

Showing 1–3 of 10 results

Showing 1–3 of 10 results

    Noah Club Chair

    Recline in style. The Noah Club Chair is definitely among the ‘most sought after’ sitting furniture identified by low backs and deep seats. This type of Club chair has already gained popularity in English Gentlemen’s Clubs back in the early years. Recently, we have updated this well-loved piece as we have made it more modernized to keep up with the changing times. Now made with checkered silver upholstery structured with a stainless steel base. It can perfectly suit in any area of your house where you want to relax and just de-stress.

    Dimensions: W: 70 cm x D: 74 cm x H 70 cm
    Volume Packed: 0.37m3

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    Nouveau Club Chair

    Versatility as its finest. That’s how Nouveau Club Chair wants to achieve. Made of sheepswool fabric design with stainless steel legs, this U-shaped club chair gives an utmost comfort with its padded arms and cushy upholstery. Likewise, the stainless steel legs can give that overall secured feeling when you just feel like slacking. In terms of color, it can give a nice added touch to your living room or entertainment area.

    Dimensions: W: 73 cm x D: 71 cm x H 77 cm
    Volume Packed: 0.51m3

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    Provence Club Chair

    Green always stands for balance and nature as evidently seen in our Provence Club Chair. A vignette of all things spectacular, this piece is made of impressive velvet dark green fabric with locally sourced Arurog adorned in the back weave structured in an ordinary metal finish frame. The arm rest part was intricately hand woven by its furniture makers combining ingenuity and style. There’s always that dreamy vibe like feeling the breeze at your favorite island destination as you recline your back with this club chair.

    Dimensions: W: 58 cm x D: 61 cm x H 84 cm
    Volume Packed: 0.35m3

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