Coffee Tables

The coffee table is a fresh expanse in every home where loved ones and visitors can share drinks, games, and design centerpieces. In most households, this piece of furniture is used almost every day, if not all day and evening.

A table that performs so many tasks needs to be unique. With a beautiful coffee table from Fashion Interiors Manufacturing Inc., you can give your living room a distinct look.

Showing 1–3 of 11 results

Showing 1–3 of 11 results

    Chill Coffee Table

    When picking for the right coffee table, there are so many things to consider. The size, look and even the compatibility aspect in the living room space are among the top 3 reasons that matters. Luckily, there’s our Chill Coffee Table that can be an essential piece. Made of opulent glossy parquet wood base finish in Matte Black. The tabletop serves as a functional space where you can hold your drinks, remote devices, reading materials and even sometimes putting up your feet.

    Dimensions: W: 80 cm x D: 80 cm x H: 40 Cm
    Volume Packed: 0.19m3

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    Curious Coffee Table

    There are times that you just need a wider perspective in terms of choosing the right coffee table. That’s how Curious Coffee Table sets in as a great option for your living room needs. A coffee table made of unique cappuccino marble table top locally sourced in the Philippines. It is also structured with agewood taupe antique finish legs to complement the overall look of the piece. The versatile color also matches any couch palettes so you won’t have any dilemma in bringing in Curious Coffee Table right inside your living room.

    Dimensions: W: 180 cm x D: 90 cm x H: 40 Cm
    Volume Packed: 0.71m3

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    Limited Coffee Table

    Integrating your passion on furniture made of recycled materials, our Driftwood Natural Shelf will definitely overwhelm you. The standard of execution is unparalleled as you can see on the whole coffee table. It is made of collected drift wood found in seashore with sophisticated clear glass top and structured with stainless steel legs for its durability. If you have a big living room space area, the Driftwood Natural Shelf is the best center of attraction where you can put all your décor essentials. Surprisingly, there’s enough space for everything you want to put in.

    Dimensions: W: 150 cm x D: 150 cm x H: 40 Cm
    Volume Packed: 0.69m3

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