Sofa will always be a welcome staple in any homes. It gives that inviting sense to your living room to come sit still, stay and be relaxed. There’s nothing like having to feel the best comfort at the confines of your home. Make sure to find the sofa that will fit your design dreams.

Fashion Interiors have created a wonderful Sofa Collection that boasts of superior quality and noteworthy designs. Our sofa is very casual and relaxed, with a chic contemporary profile that includes a range of fixtures that are ideal for lounging. Rest assured that every piece of the bestselling sofa collection is crafted with passion by the hands of master craftsmen, assuring you of the best living area lounge for your home.

Showing 3 results

Showing 3 results

    Avant Garde 4 Sofa

    Modernity with a touch of nostalgia. That’s basically what Avant Garde Sofa evokes. Just one look and you’ll see that it’s a grand masterpiece made of Velvet Dark Green Fabric accentuated with a different type of Capitone and Nails in Stainless Steel Legs. The fabric used in the overall sofa was highlighted through tufting needlework mastery by the furniture makers. Likewise, the green choice for fabric best resonates the overall personality of the Avant Garde Sofa symbolizing the color of life, renewal, nature, and energy, all associated with meanings of growth, harmony, freshness, safety, and environment. Needless to say, this sofa becomes a central piece in your home with that added touch of elegance.

    Dimensions: W: 267 cm x D: 103 cm x H 70 cm
    Volume Packed: 2.199m3

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    Fierce 4 Sofa

    Finding the right sofa can be quite an arduous task. Enter Fierce Sofa, the most endearing sofa in the Fashion Interiors' roster that possesses an inviting sense of comfort embedded in the whole design. This sofa is made of Velvet Warm Gray accentuated with Square Quilting and structured in Dark Brown Finish Legs. The Fierce Sofa speaks of simple design, firm cushions and fine lines. It’s also easy to clean as it is made of slipcover material that can washed in delicate mode for washing machine.

    Dimensions: W: 250 cm x D: 86 cm x H 72 cm
    Volume Packed: 1.95m3

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    Sunrise 4 Sofa

    Tune in to a brighter perspective in choosing the right living room furniture. With Sunrise Sofa, you are in for a big surprise as it gives you comfort and relaxation in big doses. Just look at the plushy cushion upholstered in Curly Off White Fabric that is just so invigorating in the eyes. The Sunrise Sofa also comes with complimentary of Two Pillows in dressed in Velvet Abstract Charcoal. It’s standing strong because its made with Stainless Steel Legs. The best feature of the sofa is that it’s made of slipcover material that can be easily machine wash in delicate mode.

    Dimensions: W: 268 cm x D: 108 cm x H 71 cm
    Volume Packed: 1.936m3

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