Wall Decors

If the walls could talk, it probably is sending you hurried signals to put on some emphasis on it. Whether you want to put decals or place some décor accents, there are numerous of ways to make your empty walls more interesting. If you opt to create a visually arresting and ingenious motif on your walls, time to put on some wall decors that demonstrates the craftmanship sensibility.

Fashion Interiors Manufacturing Inc. made sure that you can find your best wall decor here. These are all hand crafted and masterfully designed to match your diverse style in choosing decors.

Showing 3 results

Showing 3 results

    Heritage Wall Decor

    Wall accents shouldn’t be missed in furniture buying. There’s always a way to give your walls a little bit of personality. To achieve that retro vibe, the Heritage Wall Décor does the wonders. Made of Iron Blackish accentuated with Bronze Finish, those circles of different sizes can an interesting backdrop. Likewise, a wall décor can speak highly of the homeowner’s individualism and design preference.

    Dimensions: W: 39 cm x H 156 cm
    Volume Packed: 0.04m3

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    Wall Paper Decor

    A wall décor is a telltale that reflects your style and inspire you as a homemaker. With this monochrome Wall Paper Décor, you can right away visualize your wall canvass ideas in your head. Sleek and significantly organized is how you want your wall décor to be. That’s where the Wall Paper Décor comes in.

    Dimensions: W: 40 cm x H 40 cm
    Volume Packed: 0.01m3

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    Wings Wall Decor

    When your choice of aesthetic is geared towards the impactful design ingenuity, then the Wings Wall Décor perfectly suit your taste. It’s not every day that you get to see this intricately put together metal materials all crafted in a Distressed Black Finish. It’s amazing to see this stronger type of Wings Wall Décor hanging in your hallway area. The Wings symbolizes sense of power, speed, and limitless freedom of motion. But as a furnishing masterpiece, it represents a release of creative energy by the homeowner.

    Dimensions: W: 85 cm x D: 2 cm x H 100 cm
    Volume Packed: 0.12m3

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