Fashion Interiors has provided consistent support to the young ones for decades. The humanistic vision of the organization endeavors to create a better world by contributing to the well-being, health and solidarity of what we consider to be the future leaders of the next generation. Our preoccupations have always been focused on imprinting hope and positivity on the world.


For the average student, there’s nothing like a good, hearty meal to get through the rigors of the week. But for some, being able to afford a complete meal is a challenge in itself, usually resulting in their eating only a meal daily—not enough for them to power through an otherwise productive school day!

We here at Fashion Interiors Manufacturing have dedicated ourselves in supporting feeding programs of elementary schools, namely Samar Daycare, Samar Elementary, and Lara Elementary School.

Efforts thus far have been a great help with stories related by teachers about students being able to enjoy their meals and their lunch breaks!


Fashion Interiors Manufacturing has partnered with Care for Children (the Netherlands) and Nurture the Children Foundation Pampanga to help take care of orphans in Pampanga and Tarlac in the Philippines.

With goals and projects continuing to multiply to help reintegrate children with special needs back into society where they could discover, develop, encourage and eventually utilize their skills to regain their self-confidence, the foundations have made a difference—one children at a time.


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